New layout. Again.

Okay, I think I’ve finally found the right layout.  This is the third change in the 5 months since I created this book blog.

This blog started out on a plain white background, but I didn’t like how the pages layered, so I looked for something with a drop-down option.  Then I loved certain aspects of the second layout I chose, but I didn’t care for the category/tag formats, or the dark colors.

Far as I can tell, this new layout meets all of my requirements: white background, large font that’s easy on the eyes, and pages that drop down beneath the header.  Plus I can toy with the secondary background color (yay)!

I’ll probably still tinker around with the secondary background color, and I might change the header to be either more Frida-y or book-y, but I think we have a winner!  Finally!


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