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flip flopping joy: those lovey dovey books…

the twilight series has given Teh Feminists a massive collective heart attack for years. and rightfully so. babybfp said she wanted to read the series, so i sat down and read it first to make sure it was ok–and was appalled. how *familiar* so much of it sounds–no, don’t feel sad that you sliced my face up! you couldn’t help it, you’re a werewolf! i should’ve *listened* to you!

Muslimah Media Watch: The “Tyranny of Sex” in the Saudi Novel

[S]ex has been a growing phenomenon in Saudi literature. Earlier this year, noted Kuwaiti novelist Laila al-Othman decried the increase in sexual content in Saudi women’s lit. Al-Othman, whose Wasmiya Comes Out of the Sea was one of the Arab Writers Union’s “top 105,”  is apparently not wrong to point to an increase.

TimesOnline: J G Farrell wins Booker prize for 1970, 30 year after his death

It would have seemed that J. G. Farrell had won his last award when he slipped to his death in a fishing accident on the Irish coast in 1979, but a quirk of literary history means that his novel Troubles has been given another chance.

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io9: Science Fiction Author Offers Readers $3,000 In Prizes To Read His Book

The Daily Beast: Yann Martel’s Favorite Books

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