Paris in July

Uh oh…I’ve gone and joined another challenge!  Yikes.  But it sounded too good to resist, mostly because it only lasts a month and there are no rules! Book Bath and Thyme for Tea are running it:

The aim of the month is to celebrate our French experiences through reading, watching, listening to, observing, cooking and eating all things French!

There will be no rules or targets in terms of how much you need to do or complete in order to be a part of Paris In July – just blog about anything French and you can join in. Some ideas for the month might include:

– Reading a French book – fiction or non-fiction

– Watching a French movie

– Listening to French music

– Cooking French food

– Experiencing French art, architecture or travel

I love France, and I adore Paris (life goal: live there someday), so joining this challenge was a no-brainer for me.

I have a billion French films in my Netflix queue, so I’m going to start there. I’ve even gone through my queue and selected French films that take place in Paris! As for reading, I’m working Anna Karenina right now, so I don’t think I’ll be tackling The Hunchback of Notre Dame or Madame Bovary this month (it would be way too much heavy classic lit for July).  Instead, I’ll probably stick to reading French short stories.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll even bust out some veg*n French cooking!

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