Christina Hendricks, on being Anne of Green Gables

“I was obsessed with the Canadian novel Anne of Green Gables. I decided I was Anne of Green Gables. There was something that spoke to me about her, and I wanted to have her beautiful red hair. So my mother said, “Let’s just go to the drugstore and get one of those cover-the-gray rinses!” My hair was very blond at the time, but it went carrot red. And I was over the moon. I went to school the next day and felt like myself. And then I went back [to that color] over and over again. What a cool mom, right?”

Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks [ONTD via Jezebel]



  1. slb

    That *is* a really cool mom move. (Weird that I think dyeing a kid’s hair is cool parenting but shaving a girl’s hair–a la Jada Pinkett-Smith and Willow is suspect parent…).

    • Melissa

      I wanted to dye my hair purplish-red when I was in high school, and my mom totally shot that down. Meanwhile, she *still* gives almost-23-yr-old Becky hell when she wants to dye her hair. Decidedly not cool.

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