Oh HELL no.

We live in a world in which industry “best of” lists routinely ignore overlook women and people of color in favor of middle-aged white men and the occasional middle-aged white woman.  I guess, in Anis Shivani’s eyes, that means women and people of color are, by default, totally craptastic.

In his recent HuffPo article, “The 15 Most Overrated Contemporary American Writers,” Shivani goes off on 15 writers. 9 of the 15 listed are women. Of the remaining 6 men, 1 is Dominican (Junot Diaz) and 1 is Jewish (Jonathan Safran Foer).

I’m sure we all have our own lists of overrated people–I know I do–but Shivani’s list egregiously dismisses POC writers, it seems, solely because they write from a POC point of view.  A sample of his arguments:

On Amy Tan (heading: “Mothers and Daughters and Dirty Laundry”):

Empowered other immigrant writers to make mountains out of the molehills of their minor adjustment struggles.

Jonathan Safran Foer (heading: “Idiot Savants and Suave Idiots”):

Debuted with harmless multiculturalism for the perennially bored in Everything Is Illuminated, with cute lovable foreigners and the slacker generation digging lovableness; a more pretentious “magical realist” novel was never written.

Jhumpa Lahiri (heading: “Nationalities and Meritocracies”):

Utterly unwilling (though probably fully capable, since she’s the only readable writer on this list) to write about anything other than privileged Bengali immigrants with PhDs living in Cambridge’s Central and Inman Squares, and making easy adjustments to the top of the American meritocratic pyramid.

Junot Diaz (heading: “Hijas and Abuelas”):

Doesn’t realize the fine line between presenting the dark underside of reality and glorifying it…His manic voice describes everything with the same faux energy, the ear-shattering ghetto volume, as though there were no difference between murder and puking.

Michiko Kakutani (heading: “Chekhovian and Forsterian”):

Not a writer, by any stretch of even my novelistic imagination, but I include her here as the enabler-in-chief for the preceding mediocrities. Simply the worst book critic on the planet. [His example of why she’s on the list: she praised Junot Diaz].

Immigrant writers make mountains out of molehills? Diaz writes with “ear-shattering ghetto volume?” Say what you will about these authors (I’m not exactly a Foer fan myself), but are you fucking kidding me with this racist bullshit?

But fear not! Shivani listed some authors who deserve your praise (and deserved the Pulitzer, unlike Lahiri and Diaz): Sherwood Anderson, Willa Cather, John Dos Passos, William Faulkner, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Sinclair Lewis, Henry Miller.

Hmm…lots of white men who wrote dudebooks. Color me surprised.

3 thoughts on “Oh HELL no.

  1. That’s some pretty whack list! Junot Diaz is da bizness! “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao,” is an awesome book that I highly recommend to everyone that comes into Libros Revolucion (where I volunteer).

    Mr. Shivani is the reason they came up with the phrase: Haters gonna hate.

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