Seeeee yaaa…

We interrupt this program to say that I’ll be up in Austin until Saturday (possibly Sunday). I’m seeing of Montreal and Janelle Monae tonight and I can’t wait! I saw Janelle open for them in Brooklyn about a year and a half ago and it was SO. GOOD. I’m exciting to see her again now that she has a full album of material to choose from. And I’ve been obsessed with oM for about 10 years now (though this will “only” be my fourth time seeing them), so of course I’m psyched to see them again.

I have a post scheduled for later this week and I might work on another one later tonight if I have time, but posting and comment moderation will probably be slower than usual.

In the meantime, here’s Janelle’s breakout video for “Tightrope” and a mellow acoustic version of oM’s “The Past is a Grotesque Animal,” the latter of which, as I mentioned in my review, is the main reason I finally picked up Georges Bataille’s Story of the Eye a few months ago (uhhhh…that makes this post kind of book-related, right?).




  1. Ari Reading in Color

    I LOVE Janelle Monae. I really like Tightrope the Wondamix better, although I like both songs. and I adore Cold War. I love her style, her voice, everything! She deserves way more publicity than she gets.

    I’ve vaguely heard of Of Montreal. anyway, I’m sooo jealous of you 🙂

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