Literary Link Love

The Hairpin discusses why Villette is way better than Jane Eyre.

If you’re participating in the Year of Feminist Classics reading project you’ve probably already seen this. If you haven’t, Jillian wrote a great piece inspired by the first book of the project: Mary Wollstonecraft – a “Bitch”?

Tami is starting a Black feminist online book club, and “you needn’t be black or a woman or label yourself a feminist” to join.

Check out this student work from a book cover design course.

Avi Steinberg has a feature in The Boston Globe about the potential of prison libraries.

Bitch magazine discusses women and crime fiction.

Shelby Knox is starting a Radical Women’s History Project “explicitly centering women of color, indigenous, queer, trans, disabled, and non-Western women.” If you have book recommendations, send them her way!

NPR talks about the rise of “nostalgia books.”

New York Times critic Michiko Kakutani chimes in on the Huck Finn controversy, and Racialicious also has a good roundup.

Google charts the history of swear words in books.

Mental Floss has posted a guide to bookstore cats.

Jezebel lists 2010’s best female comic creators. [Part 1] [Part2]

The Angry Black Woman shows off her speculative fiction stash.

Bookalicious posted a CBS news video on how society judges book covers.

Via TransGriot, Topside Press is looking for contributors for its Transgender Literary Fiction Anthology, to be published in late 2011.

Baz Luhrmann is bringing The Great Gatsby to the silver screen. This is what he’s reading to prepare.

And finally, which book can literally save your life?

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    1. Thanks! I just wish I’d remember to post them more frequently, because then I wouldn’t have to go back and comb through a billion bookmarked pages. lol

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