Bloggiesta: Starting Line

Bloggiesta is hosted by Natasha of Maw Books.

So. Bloggiesta started hours ago, but true to form, I procrastinated! My slackertudiness (new word!) is the reason I’m participating in Bloggiesta this weekend. I’m WAY behind on reviews and other blog-related housekeeping stuff.

My goals from now until Sunday night:

  • Write/schedule at least 4 reviews.
  • Find/schedule at least 5 videos for my Author Fridays.
  • Rewrite my about me page.
  • Update my review policy.
  • Update my book quote blog.
  • Clean up my Google Reader.
  • Roughly plan out my Women’s History Month posts/events.

I also want to attempt to make vegan carne guisada, but that depends on whether or not my bro will be around to hook me up with his cooking methods!

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