Bloggiesta: Finishing Line

Bloggiesta is hosted by Natasha of Maw Books.

Bloggiesta was a 3-day online event that offered people a chance to catch up on all things blog-related. My own personal goals for the weekend were:

  • Write/schedule at least 4 reviewsFAILED! I only wrote one, though I have the skeletons of a few posts all lined up and ready to go.
  • Find/schedule at least 5 videos for my Author Fridays: FINISHED with flying colors. I have 6 or 7 scheduled, plus several more in draft mode.
  • Update my about me page: DONE!
  • Update my review policy: DONE!
  • Update my book quote blog: Nope.
  • Clean up my Google Reader: I think I actually made it WORSE! Thanks to Bloggiesta, I found several more blogs to add (which is not a bad thing), but then I just starred everything I want to read later and ended up adding to the growing pile of things I need to read.
  • Roughly plan out my Women’s History Month posts/events: DONE (kind of). I have one week fully planned, plus a list of possibilities for the other weeks.
  • Make vegan carne guisada: Sadly, NO. I bought the stuff to make seitan, but my but my bro is nowhere in sight to help me make the actual dish. I did, however, eat lots of cheesy Mexican food this weekend (real cheese, not vegan). But since I live on the border, I end up doing that by default no matter what, so I don’t think it counts.

I also picked up a few ideas along the way. I’ve been wanting to do my own map of all the places I’ve read about, but I never took the time to play around with Google Maps and figure out how to do it. This afternoon, all of that changed. As you can see on my sidebar, Dora will now take you to my Traveling through Literature map. It’s a work in progress, but I have several cities listed already. When you click on a city’s placemark, it’ll bring up a list of the books with links to my reviews of them.

While I was checking out Jenn’s bookshelf organizing mini-challenge, my mind was also blown by the existence of the CueCat. I realize it’s probably been around for centuries, but I had no idea. I impulsively bought one because I need it in my life. Ooooh, now I’m fancy!

The thing I’ve loved most about Bloggiesta is seeing how everyone does their behind-the-scenes organizing. Reading about people spreadsheets, shelving systems, and calendars has been really interesting. (Yes, I’m a nerd. A frequently disorganized one at that.)

Not bad, I guess. I slacked way more than I should’ve, but Slacker is my middle name. 😉

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