First off, I want to congratulate Jarrah for winning the America Libre and House Divided giveaway!  Random.org picked #14, and she had the winning number. 🙂

As for blogging, it’ll probably be slower than usual for the next week. They’re not connecting the internet at my new place until next Wednesday. Ugh! I have semi-access to the internet until then, but it’s not the greatest setup.

The dog and cats are settling in nicely, and yesterday I finally spotted our resident chicken! For some random reason, there’s a chicken that lives in the tree in our front yard. And no, I’m not living out in the country…it’s a typical neighborhood near some busy roads! Our next door neighbors leave food for their cats outside, and that’s what the chicken likes to eat. It’s pretty funny.

Last night I also started playing with the look of my blog. I was actually itching to buy the Shelf premium theme on WordPress, seeing as how this is a book blog and all, but decided against it. Overall, I think I’m liking the new look, save for a few kinks. I like the randomizing option on the blogroll (I have it set to 10 random links at a time). The massive tag cloud at the bottom of the page is kind of awesome and colorful, but it’s also kind of weird. It’s so big! I can disable it, but I don’t know…what do you think?



  1. Jeanne

    I like the new look; it’s clean and easy on the eyes.

    I thought of you yesterday and today because I got to hear Jonathan Franzen speak, and he impressed me in person more than I’d expected him to. I particularly liked the way he would pause before answering a question and then give an obviously well-considered answer.

  2. Melissa

    @amckie – it is fun to tinker! i have to stop myself from doing it too often, otherwise i’d have a new layout every month! 😉

    @jeanne – lucky you! he also impressed me more that i thought he would. i’d totally expected him to be dry and serious, but he was very funny and thoughtful when i saw him last year.

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