Gearing Up for Women’s History Month

So. I’m a feminist blogger. I have a MA in Women’s History (that I’ll probably be paying off for the rest of my life while stuck in a state of perpetual underemployment). I went to Sarah Lawrence, where the idea for Women’s History Month originated (thank you, Gerda Lerner and Women’s History Institute participants). Taking all this into consideration, you’d think I’d be blogging my fingers into bloody little nubs every year, right?

Um, no.

The Feminist Texican blog has existed for about 4 years now. This book blog has existed for a little over a year. And on February 28 of all those years, without fail, I’ve gone, “Women’s History Month starts tomorrow. Shit! I should’ve planned something.” I’ll be the first to admit that I’m hardcore procrastinatey.

However, dear readers, this year the impending arrival of Women’s History Month popped into my head earlier than usual. Instead of ruing my slackertude, this February 28 I get to say…I planned stuff! With a spreadsheet and everything! I’m hoping to have a women’s history/women’s studies-related post up every day in March (emphasis on “hoping”–I didn’t plan that far in advance). 😉

What I can guarantee is that there will be at least 1 giveaway every week in March featuring everything from new releases to old favorites, and about half of those giveaways will be open to readers worldwide. I’m very excited!

Stay tuned.


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