By My Mailbox: 3/27/11

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First off, I just want to apologize for being MIA for much of the last two weeks. I have quite a backlog of reviews to catch up on. The first half of my absence was due to Spring Break, but not because I was off having fun (unfortunately). I used that week to catch up on the mountain of work I had to grade, plus plan for the first week of school (I’m teaching a mini-mester).

This week, I’ve been swamped because of the three little “packages” I found by, rather than in, my mailbox on Monday…babies! Specifically, baby kitties:

Monday night I got home from work and heard a baby creature crying somewhere, but I knew it wasn’t coming from our yard. About two hours later, the crying had still not ceased, so I went outside to find out where it was coming from. Almost immediately, I spotted a tiny kitten crying by my neighbor’s tree, and I rushed over to pick it up; I know it’s mother either abandoned it or died because it had been crying for far too long. Immediately, the crying stopped…but then I heard another little cry. My brother had come outside, so together we tracked down the second kitten; it was about ten feet away from where the first one had been, under the neighbor’s car.

Once that one stopped crying, we heard a third loud cry, but we couldn’t locate it. By this point we were totally trespassing and snooping around the neighbors’ dark front yard, and as I took a step backward, I felt something small beneath the heel of my foot. I hadn’t put my full weight on it, but I filled with horror because I knew what it was. I was even more horrified when I pointed the light from my cell phone on it and saw a kitten that had been dead for a while. Naturally, we ramped up the search for kitten #3 and eventually found it under a different car crying next to a bag of ant-filled cat food.

My brother knocked on the door and spoke to the neighbor’s son, who denied that the kittens were theirs. They feed every feral cat in the world, but won’t take any actual responsibility for them (see: dead kitten in driveway). Our landlord’s son, who’s friends with my brother and sister, told us that dead/sick kittens are a common occurrence at that house; he’s taken several litters to the shelter before.

Wormy, post-bath
Wormy, post-bath (they took it well!)

I will not be taking my three babies to any south Texas shelter; the main one puts down 30,000 animals a year because of overcrowding, and I’m positive that the babies would be euthanized since they’re still so young (I think they’re about two weeks old now). I’ve been feeding them with an eye dropper, though they’re getting big enough to drink from a little bottle now. And they’re absolutely adorable. They require a lot of attention during the day–especially in the morning!–but are kind enough to sleep through the night. 🙂

For now their names are Hungry, Desperate, and Wormy, but now that 1) their genitalia is less ambiguous, 2) their eyes are opening and their personalities are starting to develop, and 3) I’m fairly sure that Wormy doesn’t actually have ringworm, I’m sure I’ll come up with more endearing names soon enough. 😉

Once they’re old enough to be adopted, I’ll find them a no-kill rescue somewhere upstate (or out of state if need be…I have my ways). I’m already getting attached, and I think they’re the cutest little rodents in the world, but we already have three cats and a dog living in the house. I know that I’ll be super paranoid about them going to good homes–it makes me so sad to think of them getting separated!–but I supposed I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Now onto books!

Only one came in this week. I won a copy of 33 Revolutions per Minute: A History of Protest Songs from Billie Holiday to Green Day by Dorian Lynskey from Ecco. It looks really interesting. I love a good protest song and recognize several in the book, so I’m really curious to learn more about the stories behind some of these songs. The book will be released on April 5.

4 thoughts on “By My Mailbox: 3/27/11

  1. Oh My God…they’re SO absolutely adorable! And their story is SO sad. We have a neighbor like that too, who feeds all sorts of feral cats, and we have a pack of 6-7 regulars that end up on the hoods of cars (for warmth), scratching them willy-nilly. But, the one thing that this dear neighbor did do (although some still complain abt the scratches and the peeing of the cats on their plants), is that she did get them neutered/spayed – so no little kittens. These are SO darn adorable, and if I didn’t have parents who are BOTH allergic to cats, I would drive ALL THE WAY to Texas from California to take all 3!

    You are a DARLING, darling, darling, darling, darling, kind, generous, wonderful, amazing person for taking them in, giving them shelter and a home and caring for them. I wish you all the best in your endeavors and in finding them a home (keeping my fingers crossed for them to find a home while still staying together) – and I’d love to hear more about their progress in the future (in addition to their new names!). Thank you for being so amazing….and for sharing this with us! 😀

  2. So so so cute. I found a baby kitten after Hurricane Ike a couple years ago. It was pretty new, and its eyes were still closed. It didn’t make it even though we tried feeding it. I’m so glad yours seem to be doing well, though I know they’re so much work.

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