Literary Link Love

Haven’t done one of these in a looooong time…

Over at Tiger Beatdown, the always fabulous s.e. smith dissects the “strong female character” archetype (hint: it almost never applies to women of color, trans women, and women with disabilities).

Guernica has a new Sherman Alexie poem up, The Lost Colony of Roanoke, 1587.

Girl with Pen advises readers on How to Read an Anthology.

As part of Viva La Feminista‘s “Summer of Feminista” seriesDior Vargas discusses the lack of people of color in publishing and calls for more Latina intellectuals in publishing.

Following the results of a survey that found that “nearly 80 percent of U.S. adults believe multicultural books are important for children, but one-third say they are hard to find,” Latina Lista encourages people to pick up more multicultural literature.

Justin Torres, author of the upcoming (and much-talked-about) We the Animals, has a short story up at The New Yorker.

And finally, Ms. Magazine saluted Harry Potter with a feminist sendoff:

Edit – ACK! I left one out: As they’re so often prone to do, Huffington Post created a bad list of Great Gay Couples in Literature. In response, Cass schooled them and created her own list, 7 Great Queer Couples in Literature. Her list actually like…involves queer people. And modern literature. *serious eyeroll at HuffPo*

One thought on “Literary Link Love

  1. Therese and Carol in Patricia Highsmith’s (initially pseudonymous) 1952 the Price of Salt–the first lesbian couple in U.S. fiction to have a happy ending! Plus so much sexual tension.

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