See yaaa…

I’m off to Austin to see Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis at Book People later tonight. I have a couple of posts scheduled, so there won’t be much of a change. I just wanted an excuse to post more Decemberists music on the blog…thank goodness they have so many literary references in their work. 😉

I leave you with Calamity Song, off their most recent album. The music video is a recreation of a scene from David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest, where the students at the tennis academy are playing Eschaton. (Although I’m not gonna lie: my eyes glazed over at this point in the book…but I do like the song!)

I’ll tweet intermittently, but let’s face it: I’ll probably be busy seeking out limited release movies and stuffing my face with all kinds of awesome Austin food. Oh, how I miss living in a big city!

Peace out.

4 thoughts on “See yaaa…

  1. Have fun seeing Colin Meloy! I have a platonic crush on him. I think he’s supposed to be up near me later this month, so I definitely want to go see him also. The King Is Dead is SUCH a good album — maybe my favorite of theirs? Except I really love The Crane Wife, so it’s a really tough call? But The King Is Dead is wonderful. This son, and “Rox in a Box”, and “January Hymn”…

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