Junot Diaz on “A Quick Byte with Tehelka”

The Feminist Texican [Reads] will be featuring Latin@-related stuff throughout Latina/o Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15). Yes, I’m using this as an excuse to post a(nother) Junot video for Author Friday. No, I don’t care if it’s obsessive. 😉

Love it.

Transcript after the jump

Q: If you had to make a drink for any character from world literature–who would it be and which drink would you make?

A: If I could share a drink for any character from world literature, what would it be and what would I make? I personally would want to share a drink with Kid–that’s the name of the character in Samuel R. Delaney’s magisterial novel, Dhalgren. I would probably make us shots of clarin, which is a very strong form of rum.

Q: What would you talk about?

A: Knowing him, we would probably end up talking about writing and girls. And also, for him, probably boys.

Q: What is the worst blurb you remember reading?

A: Um, I never read it, but I heard a friend of mine say that he had read a blurb where someone basically said, “This book has many pages, and some of them will amuse you.” And I was like, “Wow, that’s a terrible blurb.”

Q: What is the one thing about book critics that annoys you the most?

A: Um…I don’t know. I guess that…gee whiz, what would it be? Um, in a way I don’t know because I think any kind of criticism, if dead on, is okay. But I guess, um, talking about the writer’s age is very annoying. Whether a writer is very young or very old, I think that has very little to do with the book.

Q: If you had to change one section of any favourite book of yours, which would it be, and what would you write?

A: Oh God. Uh…I would probably, uh…I would probably take the Bible and get rid of Revelations. That would be like a lot better, a lot easier, for a good portion of the world. I think that would be what I would say.

Q: What is the one universally loved book that you’ve never liked too much?

A: A book that’s universally liked that I have disliked? Um…I guess it would have to be…god, what’s the book I’ve never been able to read? I don’t know if it’s universally liked, but everything written by Ayn Rand. I can’t read anything by her. Fountainhead, none of that stuff. Atlas Shrugged. So many people love that. I don’t.

Q: What is the last not-very-good book that you read?

A: The last not-very-good book that I read. Um, wow. It’s probably a novel by a writer I love very much, Greg Bear, who wrote a novel called Hull Zero Three.

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