Yeah, so…

This is the state of my mind at the moment:

Photo: construction workers surround a giant brain

Sorry I’ve been such a bad blogger this month. It’s been frustrating–I was drowning in ungraded essays during late October/early November, and I was delirious most of this week with the flu. Since I didn’t go into work at all, I fully expect to be inundated with work yet again. *gulp*

There will be posts this week (largely because I scheduled them a long time ago). But hopefully I’ll be able to catch up and get back on some sort of regular schedule ASAP. I’m workin’ on it!

In other news…if you want to hear me talk about something other than books, I wrote an article for PostBourgie earlier this week about the Move Your Money movement (a.k.a. banks blow and credit unions rule). I’m a rebel like that.


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