A Profile on Ana Castillo

I haven’t posted an Author Friday interview in ages, and coming across this profile on Ana Castillo was a perfect reminder that I should start posting these videos more regularly.

Ana Castillo is a much-loved Chicana feminist writer and was one of the many authors to be banned in Tucson, Arizona in January. I’ve never read any of her novels (something I intend to remedy this year), but I have read some of her short stories and poems and I loved them.

This clip is from 2412 TV, filmed a few years ago:

I apologize for the lack of a transcript, especially since some of this video is in Spanish. I know enough Spanish to understand what she’s saying, but definitely not enough to attempt to write it out properly.

2 thoughts on “A Profile on Ana Castillo

  1. I just read So Far From God, which was great. I also had a dream the other night in which I met Ana Castillo and she gave me friendly life advice. I wish I could remember what it was…love the video 🙂

  2. Yes, it is a great novel. I have just written my dissertation paper on it. Because of the theme of my paper I interpreted it only through the feminist perspective. I have to admit that while working at it I rediscovered it. Here is the most important definition from this clip in terms of her feminism. she sees Xicanista as “una persona que tiene la concientización, who understands who she is, understands where she fits in the big scheme of our society, and who’s got the guts to make some changes in her community”.
    Enjoy her work!

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