Sunday Salon: Wrapping Up Women’s History Month

Whew! For me, Women’s History Month always begins in early February and ends in late March. I have to do a lot of reading and library book-acquiring in order to post a month’s worth of women’s history and women’s studies reviews on this blog (a smarter person would plan months in advance, but…I’m a procrastinator). It kinda reminded me of grad school. There are several books I didn’t get a chance to write about, but you’ll hear about them in the coming weeks.

Before I forget, I’d like to invite everyone — and I mean everyone, no matter what country you’re in — to enter my giveaway for Queen of Fashion: What Marie Antoinette  Wore to the Revolution. It’s open worldwide, and it’s my favorite nonfiction read so far this year. It’s the last of my four Women’s History Month giveaways, and the only one that’s still open.

Here’s what I posted in March:

The Diary of a Young Girl

Girls Like Us: Fighting for a World Where Girls Are Not For Sale

Reading Jackie: Her Autobiography in Books

Juliette Gordon Low: The Remarkable Founder of the Girl Scouts

Heat Wave: The Life and Career of Ethel Waters

Giveaway: F ‘em! Goo Goo, Gaga, and Some Thoughts on Balls (now closed)

Fifth Avenue, 5 A.M.: Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, & the Dawn of the Modern Woman

Video: A Profile on Ana Castillo

Flow: The Cultural Story of Menstruation

A Train in Winter

The Supergirls: Fashion, Feminism, Fantasy, and the History of Comic Book Heroines

Biting the Moon: A Memoir of Feminism and Motherhood

Queen of Fashion: What Marie Antoinette Wore to the Revolution

Helen Keller: A Life

It’s been great, but getting back to fiction has been a breath of fresh air. I’ve acquired quite a stack of fiction during my two-month women’s studies reading frenzy…it’s actually a little overwhelming!

In other news…

A year and two weeks ago I found my orphaned litter of three kittens (who are now willful teenagers that still live with me). Interesting timing, because guess what I rescued from drowning a few days ago…


South Texas, land of 90° March weather, got hit by a freak thunder/hailstorm a few nights ago. One minute we were standing around in awe, watching the blanket of water and hail, the next minute, we were hearing baby animals crying by out window. I ran outside and saw a mother cat panicking and trying to pile her kittens up in a corner out of harm’s way, but some were already rolling around in a couple of inches of really cold water.

We managed to shoo the mom away and grab the babies. There were five of them! My sister and I dried them up and discovered that three of them still had their umbilical cords! I made a warm little nest in a box for them, then put them back outside in their corner first thing in the morning once it stopped raining. All of them survived, and they’ve been happily reunited with their mom ever since. 🙂

The Sunday Salon

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