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Nora Ephron

Remembering Nora Ephron:

I know this Boston Review interview with Junot Diaz has made the rounds everywhere, but it’s Junot, and it’s awesome. He discusses the influence of women of color writers on his work, among other things.

More Junot: A New Yorker essay remembering Ray Bradbury.

And even more Junot (last one, I promise!): an interview discussing his short story, “Monstro.”

At The New York Times Review of Books, Zadie Smith writes an eloquent (long) essay on what’s happening to libraries.

Over at Racialicious, an argument for why the pretty white girl YA book cover trend needs to end.

Stacked addresses the most recent ARCgate at ALA 2012.

The New York Times gives advice on how to read a racist book to your kids.

Find out which 11 authors hated the movie versions of their books.

See this infographic on the top 10 most read books in the world. My soul, it hurts.

See Alice in Wonderland reimagined as a subway map.

At The Culture Trip, Lindsay Parnell writes about Toni Morrison and African-American identity.

Forbes throws in its two cents on how authors and buyers should read bad reviews.

GalleyCat has a depressing infographic of all the state library funding cuts.

In soul-crushing news, a woman who has saved 300,000 books over the years now plans to burn them.

Can we please put a moratorium on privileged people pretending to be [insert disenfranchised minority here] so they can get a book deal out of it? UGH.

Saïd Sayrafiezadeh discusses the state of American fiction in this excellent Flavorwire interview.

The Wall Street Journal divulges some of the creepy information your ereader is collecting on you.

Julian Barnes discusses his life as a bibliophile.


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