Women Librarians

From Austin MacCormick’s 1931 survey of U.S. prison libraries:

The day may yet come, moreover, when the attitude of prison officials will be liberal enough to permit women librarians to enter the service of penal institutions. Women nurses are already being successfully used in a number of prisons and reformatories for men. It is true that the woman librarian would meet some obstacles; she could not, for example, browse around in the cell blocks, talking to individual readers at will. This places a serious limitation on her effectiveness. On the other hand, one can get more personality and training for the same amount of money in a woman librarian than in a man librarian. If prisoners were given more ready access to the library and to the office of the librarian, where they could sit down and talk over their reading interests and capabilities, a woman librarian could render service of a very high order (160).

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