1. Laura Rowsell (@LauraRowsell)

    *flaps hands a little at your signed copy* I loooove Joyce! Was she awesome?!

    I definitely don’t really know much about Marilyn Monroe, so when I read this I pretty much went into it blind, and also not too worried about Facts. I feel like… It’s kind of like Marilyn’s such a legend that she almost belongs to the people now, so Oates taking liberties and trying to think of how she may have been feeling at various points in her life is kind of fair enough, I think… And the thing is, I think she does it in a way that makes her seem so much more human than just images of her do. But I kind of get that people could easily criticise it for not being accurate/taking liberties, so yeah.

    Sorry for the essay! I just have a lot of feels about this book!

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