Sunday Salon: Challenges!

Y’all. I crashed and burned this year. lol

I think 2012 is the worst I’ve ever done with my reading challenges. I signed up for seven: A Year of Feminist Classics, Gender in Science Fiction and Fantasy, Pulitzer 2s, Read and Resist Tucson, South Asian, TBR, and What’s in a Name 5. Of those, the South Asian Challenge is the only one I completed:

  • A Year of Feminist Classics: I only read the book for my month.
  • Gender in Science Fiction and Fantasy: ZERO. Okay? That’s terrible.
  • Pulitzer 2s Challenge: 5/9 (which I’m actually quite proud of)
  • Read and Resist Tucson: I was aiming for 10 but only read 4.
  • South Asian Challenge: 9/7. Yay!
  • TBR Challenge: 4/12. *hangs head*
  • What’s in a Name? 5: 5/6…so close!

I’ve been doing the What’s in a Name challenge ever since I started blogging, and this is the first year I won’t be finishing it. I also got sidetracked by newer books. Sherman Alexie’s The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven, for instance, would have counted towards two challenges. Instead, I opted to read his newest short story collection, Blasphemy. And as for Read and Resist Tucson, it wasn’t that I wasn’t reading books by Latin@s this year…it was that I wasn’t reading books by Latin@s on the list.

Ah well. On to next year…My 2013 challenge page is already set up and I’m doing 5 of them.

Last year was the first year since I began blogging that I didn’t do the A – Z Challenge. The one I had always signed up for wasn’t being hosted by that blogger anymore, and I just never signed up for a different one. But I miss doing it, so this year I signed up for the one being hosted by Escape with Dollycas.

I’m also doing The Europa Challenge, which I’ve never done before but have always eyed. My goal is 4 Europa books.

I’m also doing my personal Pulitzer challenge for the fourth year in a row. This year, I’ll be focusing on all the Pulitzer winners for the years ending in 3. There are some pretty huge names this year, so that’s exciting. And although I’m really, really not looking forward to the Faulkner, I figure…hey, at least it’s not Updike.

I’m also doing Adam’s TBR Challenge again. The rules for that are to read 12 books from your shelves or TBR list, and they have to have been on your shelf or list for at least a year. I’m ashamed that I only read 4 from my list in 2012, so I’m trying again this year.

And finally, I’m doing Beth’s What’s in a Name 6 challenge, which I’ve been doing ever since I started book blogging. I already have my tentative titles picked out. Beth picked some interesting themes (as always)!

As for Read and Resist Tucson, it was always going to be one of my long-term projects, but the challenge itself was scheduled to end in late January. I’m keeping the R&RT blog up as a perpetual challenge if any of you are interested in continuing (I’ll keep updating my progress under my long-term projects section). There are some really great titles on the list, so I hope you’ll all explore at least a couple of them!

And that’s that. I may or may not post a review tomorrow, but starting January 1, I’ll be posting my week-long extravaganza of 2012 stats and lists, and I’m ending that week with an announcement I’ve been sitting on for like 3 months now. I’m getting antsy!

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