Favorites of 2012: Short Stories

I’ll have a wrap up post tomorrow, but this is my last formal list for 2012 favorites. The thing that most stood out while making this list is how much authors of color kicked ass in short stories this year. I decided to keep the list down to three, but even if I’d expanded it to five, all of the authors would be POC!


Monstress by Lysley Tenorio (2012): This book went criminally under noticed last year, but I adored it. The collection heavily features Filipinos and Filipino Americans, and the stories have such a perfect mix of humor and heartache. The writing is exquisite. Read my review here.

Sorry Please Thank You by Charles Yu (2012): This collection is at times futuristic and science fiction-ish, yet also manages to feel very contemporary. It is a fun, strange book that will keep you on your toes. Read my review here.

This Is How You Lose Her by Junot Díaz (2012): Well. You knew this would be here, right? Read my review here.

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