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Audrey Hepburn reading in library (scene from Breakfast at Tiffanys)

I first read this post on readers’ reactions to rape victims in literature at The Rejectionist, but it made the rounds again a couple of weeks ago when it was republished at The Rumpus. Must read: Trigger Warning.

Chicago Reader has a great profile of Howard Goldblatt, translator of Nobel-winning Chinese literature.

The L.A. Times has a cool interactive literary map of Los Angeles. Click on a location, and the related book passage pops up.

The Atlantic recently published an article about the history of feminist utopian literature.

Stacked has created a reading list of unlikeable female characters in YA literature.

40 years after his mysterious death, Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda’s bones are going to be examined in the United States to see if he was poisoned.

Here’s Meg Wolitzer discussing how men generally won’t read books about women. She makes some good points (though the comments section is predictably sexist).

A study was recently published saying that ebooks inhibit reading comprehension.

The American Author is dead.

Over at Work in Progress, Mark S. Weiner writes about giving away his library.

Granta has named its list of the 20 Best Young British Novelists.

Following Steubenville, Book Riot asks, “Can YA help?”

Check out Buzzfeed’s list of the 22 most iconic book covers of all time.

Can erotica ever recover after 50 Shades of Grey?

And at Jezebel, Willa Cather’s ghost is probably pissed that Willa Cather’s letters are being published.

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