The Panopticon

5 thoughts on “The Panopticon

  1. The Panopticon has interested me since I first learned about it a couple months ago. I had a couple nice exchanges with Jenni Fagan on Twitter when I posted something about the Scottish rock band Biffy Clyro. The book sounds intriguing both for its compelling story and its unusual language. I can see how the latter could be somewhat daunting and even, to some people, off-putting. Despite the authenticity it adds to the story, it can serve as an impediment to one’s reading enjoyment. There’s a fine line when one attempts this. Irish author Kevin Barry has done something similar with his novel, City of Bohane. It’s brilliant, but it’s not easy. On one hand, I think a lot of my brighter, more mature students (I teach sophomores, juniors, and seniors) would like this book, but the language could be an issue. I’ll donate my copy to my classroom collection and see what happens.

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