Sunday Salon: Sewing Up a Storm

I can’t believe 2013 is almost over! Starting Jan 1, I’ll be posting my usual 2013-in-review posts (I can tell you now that most of my reading challenges=FAIL), but today I wanted to share some of the stuff I’ve been working on over the holidays. I bought myself a sewing machine shortly after Thanksgiving (I’d been hijacking my mom’s), and believe me when I say I’ve been putting it to good use! I can’t share one of them yet because it still hasn’t reached its final destination, but I made my nephew a travel-themed block quilt. This is my nephew:


He’s obsessed with Minecraft, can you tell? I almost regret not making him a Minecraft quilt of some sort. Almost, but not quite, because his quilt ended up looking really cute (you can click on it to enlarge):

The front of my nephew's quilt

And this is the back (click to enlarge):

The back of my nephew's quilt

This is a young cat that likes to sleep in strange places around my house. I’m sure he’s one of my cats’ long lost stepbrothers. Notice where I caught him sleeping (don’t worry, there are no birds living in that house); he gets there my climbing on the tree branches!

Bowie's stepbrother

Sorry, that was off topic. Anyway. Last night I made myself a makeup bag using this tutorial. Now I have a bag that’s actually big enough to fit my moisturizer. And yeah, that blue lining came from quilt leftovers:

My new makeup bag

I’m trying to live it up now because soon it’ll be time for lesson planning and meetings and grad school again. Until then, I just want to read and sleep and blog and sew another quilt! 🙂



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