Nonfiction November: Wrap Up

Nonfiction November 2014Last year, Lu of Regular Rumination hosted Nonfiction November, a monthlong celebration of all things nonfiction. She brought it back this year with three other co-hosts. This week’s co-host is Katie of Doing Dewey, and to wrap it up, we’re supposed to post about all the new books we’ve added to our TBR piles/lists.

I had a lot of fun participating in Nonfiction November for the second year in a row. At this point in the semester, writing/reading blogs becomes low-priority for me since I’m always slammed with work. It was nice to have something that prevented my blog from collecting dust for a month (which sooo would have happened had I not done Nonfiction November).

These are some of the titles that grabbed my attention over the past month and the blogs that referred them:

Thanks for following along!

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