2014 by the Numbers

Happy New Year!

And so it begins…Day 1 of my annual smorgasbord of stats, lists, and other bookish miscellanea. 2014 was a really great year for me, one of the best of my life. I hobbled around Europe, completed my MLIS (a few weeks ago!), had a solid twelve months of financial security, fought the good fight for reproductive justice in South Texas, and added a ditzy young cat to my zoo (although, sadly, my beloved Augustus Gloop went missing a couple of months ago). For the most part, it’s been good.

But while I was off experiencing life and finishing my last year of grad school, my reading took a hit. This was the least amount of reading I’ve done in years, but hey: travel + second Master’s degree = worthy trade-off!

Feminist Texican Reads 2014 Year in Review Infogram



  1. looloolooweez

    Oh, this is SUCH a cool way to show your reading stats! And CONGRATULATIONS on your MLIS! Also, please don’t think this is weird, but I really adore your super amazingly organized indices.

  2. Lu

    YOUR STATS ARE SO PRETTY!!!!! Did you make that using a specific site? Or are you super talented?

    Congratulations on having such an amazing year! After reading a lot of posts that said 2014 was such a blah year (on my end as well, despite exciting changes!) it’s nice to hear that someone had a fabulous year. I loved hearing about your trip and it’s so exciting that you finished a second master’s degree! And financial security! A huge goal of mine in 2015 is to pay off my student loans and start saving money. Too long I’ve been paying too much rent/not making enough money. Which is the NYC/publishing life. Now that I’m out of that, I can finally start making a serious dent in my loans and putting away money for a rainy day.


    • Melissa

      Happy New Year to you too! I use infogr.am to create it, but I since I can’t directly embed it, I take a bunch of screenshots and have my brother photoshop them all together for me.

      And *groan* student loans. I’m in serious denial about mine!

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