2016 by the Numbers

2016 was kind of brutal, no? (My personal low was when my beloved cat died while I was away on vacation. The second half of the year wasn’t much better.)

It shows in my reading. I was either too unfocused to really concentrate on anything, or too busy to commit to books that actually managed to grab my interest. My blogging also suffered. I went through a ton of audiobooks thanks to my work commute this semester, but if not for that, my stats would have been way dismal.

In 2017, I want to get back into the swing of things. I want to get better at DNF-ing books that don’t click with me (something I did actually get better at in 2016). I want to reread more books. And I want to get back into the head space (and life space) to do more actual reading. If December was any indication, I’m already getting back there.

2016 By the Numbers

6 thoughts on “2016 by the Numbers

  1. Ooh, these are some nice-looking charts! *fans self*

    Seriously though, over 300 hours listening to audiobooks?! Dang lady, that’s pretty impressive.

    I’m sorry 2016 was not a great year for you. Sending best wishes for 2017!

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