2019 Reading Challenges

 2019 Reading Challenges: #LitsyAtoZ Challenge McAllen Public Library Challenge Pulitzer 9s Challenge Read Harder Challenge #LitsyAtoZ Challenge: Challenge Status: 21/26 I’ve done A to Z challenges ever since I started book blogging, and this year, I’m again doing #LitsyAtoZ (you can find me on Litsy as @feministtexican). The rules: Read a book from every letterContinue reading “2019 Reading Challenges”

To the Bright Edge of the World

Set mostly in the late nineteenth century, Eowyn Ivey’s latest novel is set in motion when Colonel Allen Forrester receives a commission to go deep into the Alaskan wilderness to find a way north through the Wolverine River. It is a dangerous task that has never been done before, but if he and his tinyContinue reading “To the Bright Edge of the World”