Review Policy

Thank you for your interest in Feminist Texican Reads. I’m open to receiving review pitches and book tour inquiries, though due to the number of inquiries I receive, I only respond to the emails for books that I want to accept. I can’t promise I’ll review every book I receive, though I try. If I get a book with enough advance, I aim to publish my review on the book’s release date. However, I can’t promise positive reviews–I’m always honest about what I’ve read; if I don’t like something I’ll say so, but I always try to be fair and constructive with my criticisms.

I’m open to receiving e-books and audiobooks. Below are some ideas of what I will and won’t read, though I encourage you to browse my review directory to get a better sense of my blogging style and reading preferences.

You can find my contact information here.

Books I read:

  • Fiction
  • Memoirs
  • Biographies
  • General nonfiction
  • Current events
  • Some YA fiction

Books I’m particularly interested in:

  • Literary fiction
  • Books written by and about people of color
  • Books about books/language/writing
  • Travel memoirs
  • Graphic novels/memoirs
  • Women’s studies-related fiction and nonfiction
  • Gender studies-related fiction and nonfiction
  • Cultural studies
  • Latin@ fiction and nonfiction, particularly works by/about Chican@s

Books I probably will not read:

  • Christian fiction/nonfiction
  • Most self-published books

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