Esmeralda Santiago on learning about her heritage

Here’s Esmeralda Santiago on PBS News Hour, talking about the researching and developing her latest book Conquistadora, which is set in nineteenth century Puerto Rico. I love hearing what she has to say about learning her family history. Also, I had no idea that she had a stroke and had to re-learn how to read andContinue reading “Esmeralda Santiago on learning about her heritage”

Edwidge Danticat on getting lost in literature

This is only one part of a much longer interview that took place late last year as part of the New York Public Library series. I love what they say about the experience of getting lost in reading and what that means from a writer’s perspective (from around 3:50-7:40). The whole thing is great. IContinue reading “Edwidge Danticat on getting lost in literature”