Aimee Bender: Something Is Shifting

I was disappointed by The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, but I absolutely adore Willful Creatures (I was looking for my copy recently so that I could reread it, but I think I lost it. *cries*). It’s interesting to hear a little about her writing process. Considering the weirdness of much of her work, she’sContinue reading “Aimee Bender: Something Is Shifting”

David Foster Wallace on publicity tours

And so we meet again, David. His last book before his untimely death, The Pale King, was released this week. I haven’t read any DFW since finishing Infinite Jest about a year and a half ago, but yes, I’ll be reading The Pale King shortly. Not sure how I feel about the stupid questions comment.Continue reading “David Foster Wallace on publicity tours”