Kristin Lavransdatter

Kristin Lavransdatter is actually three novels — The Wreath (1920), The Wife (1921), and The Cross (1922) — compiled into one massive book. I bought the Penguin Classics deluxe edition a few years ago, back when I read Gunnar’s Daughter and had traveled to Norway and was still on a Viking high. To my low-key chagrin,Continue reading “Kristin Lavransdatter”

Faves of 2017: Fiction

I’m usually set to go with my year in review posts on January 1, but I have been BUSY lately. I’m trying my hardest to finish a king-sized quilt in time to enter it into my first ever quilt show (and of course I’m doing everything at the last minute…though in my defense, this thingContinue reading “Faves of 2017: Fiction”

Read Harder 2018, Feminist-Style

Yesterday, Book Riot released the list for their 2018 Read Harder Challenge. In 2016, I began giving feminist recommendations for each task, and I’ve been doing it ever since. As usual, some of the tasks were trickier to figure out than others. And like last year, you’ll find that a lot of the titles overlapContinue reading “Read Harder 2018, Feminist-Style”

Romance Quickies: “I Give You My Body…” and The Suffragette Scandal

“I Give You My Body . . .”: How I Write Sex Scenes by Diana Gabaldon Publisher/Year: Dell, 2016 Format: eBook Pages: 118 Source: Purchased What it is: Diana Gabaldon, the woman behind the Outlander series, gives a master class in writing sex scenes. She includes excerpts from her own novels and then breaks them down, analyzing the reasons whyContinue reading “Romance Quickies: “I Give You My Body…” and The Suffragette Scandal”