The Miniature Wife: And Other Stories

Zombies, merciless shrinking spouses, and intergalactic warfare…just another typical day for the characters in Manuel Gonzales’s debut short story collection, The Miniature Wife: And Other Stories. The eighteen stories in this collection are at turns darkly humorous and really strange, throwing readers for a loop in very unexpected ways. The book pretty much had meContinue reading “The Miniature Wife: And Other Stories”

News from Heaven: The Bakerton Stories

We sat a long moment in the dark car. The white flakes landed like news from heaven: notes from elsewhere, fallen from the stars. Yesterday, I wrote about Jennifer Haigh’s second novel, Baker Towers. Centered on the Novak family, the novel begins in the 1940s and focuses on small town America at its peak, thenContinue reading “News from Heaven: The Bakerton Stories”

When It Happens to You

If your first inclination is to discount this book just because a celebrity wrote it: STOP RIGHT THERE. Because 1) the celebrity in question is Molly Ringwald and hel-lo, she’s awesome; and 2) this book is the real deal. When It Happens to You is Ringwald’s first book of fiction, a collection of eight interconnectedContinue reading “When It Happens to You”

This Is How You Lose Her

Anyone familiar with either of Junot Díaz’s previous books will remember Yunior, the Dominican kid coming of age in Drown who goes on to become the narrator of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. Back for his third starring role Díaz’s work, Yunior is the link connecting most of the stories in This Is How You LoseContinue reading “This Is How You Lose Her”


I have only one question regarding Lysley Tenorio’s Monstress: WHY ISN’T EVERYONE TALKING ABOUT THIS BOOK?! No, really…WHY? Alternating between the Philippines and the United States, the stories in Monstress explore areas of Filipino and Filipino-American culture, the traditions of the past, and the direction of the future. Further adding to the book’s complex layers isContinue reading “Monstress”