Sunday Salon: 10/16/11

Partial life to-do list Meet Sandra Cisneros: check Hear Sandra Cisneros read one of her stories: check Convince someone to buy Caramelo: check Yup: here I am with one of my favorite authors; that stack of books on the table is indeed all mine! Though Cisneros wasn’t personalizing books, she was allowing people to takeContinue reading “Sunday Salon: 10/16/11”

In which I return to blogging and talk about a kitten.

Sorry I dropped off the face of the earth with one more day of Armchair BEA to go. I wrote a post on Thursday night that got eaten, then I woke up sick on Friday. My throat is still scratchy, but I’m not walking around in a daze anymore (well, more than usual). I didContinue reading “In which I return to blogging and talk about a kitten.”