Sunday Salon: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

And no, I’m not talking about the holidays…I’m talking about the end of the fall semester! *waves to everyone* As a teacher, I dread midterms because that’s the point when I always get buried under an avalanche of papers to grade, and it doesn’t end until the semester is over. This semester was extra extra funContinue reading “Sunday Salon: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

Sunday Salon: Junot, Gloria, and Banned Books Week

Greetings, lovely readers. I’m still alive. I’ve had a frustrating, hectic, and depressing September (one of my cats has vanished into thin air). Between grad school and teaching, I haven’t had as much time to blog as I’d like. HOWEVER, last week was awesome because I went to Austin to see Junot at Book People.Continue reading “Sunday Salon: Junot, Gloria, and Banned Books Week”

Sunday Salon: World Book Night

World Book Night took place this week, and I had the pleasure of being the giver of twenty copies of La breve y maravillosa vida de Óscar Wao. A brief overview: I live in south Texas, about a fifteen minute drive from the Texas-Mexico border. A couple of years ago, Forbes listed two of theContinue reading “Sunday Salon: World Book Night”

Sunday Salon: Wrapping Up Women’s History Month

Whew! For me, Women’s History Month always begins in early February and ends in late March. I have to do a lot of reading and library book-acquiring in order to post a month’s worth of women’s history and women’s studies reviews on this blog (a smarter person would plan months in advance, but…I’m a procrastinator).Continue reading “Sunday Salon: Wrapping Up Women’s History Month”