Sunday Salon: On Tucson’s Banned Books

Untitled, 1949; Dimmit, Texas. Photograph by Russell Lee. As some of you may have heard, the acclaimed ethnic studies (read: Mexican American studies) program in Tucson schools was booted out of existence effective January 1, 2012. Though some schools have student populations where Mexican Americans comprise up to 90% of the student body and NativeContinue reading “Sunday Salon: On Tucson’s Banned Books”

Sunday Salon: Stats, Stats, Stats!

Happy New Year!!! What a reading year! I read 106 books in 2011, up from the 72 books I read in 2010. According to Goodreads, that’s a total of 30,030 pages. Overall, I’ve had a pretty good reading year. I’ll be sharing my favorites throughout the week, but today I wanted to look at my books by theContinue reading “Sunday Salon: Stats, Stats, Stats!”

Sunday Salon: Challenges, Challenges, Challenges!

It’s that time of the year again…you know, the time where book bloggers swear they won’t sign up for (too many) reading challenges but end up doing it anyway? I didn’t do as great in 2011 as I did in 2010. I’m going to come up a little short on the A-Z Challenge this yearContinue reading “Sunday Salon: Challenges, Challenges, Challenges!”

Sunday Salon: Making it Count

First off, I hope my U.S. readers had a good holiday weekend. I had two Thanksgiving meals. One was the day before Thanksgiving; my brother’s friend invited a bunch of people to his house for a vegan meal. I’m pretty sure everyone except the vegan host, his vegan brother, and his vegan ex-girlfriend were meatContinue reading “Sunday Salon: Making it Count”

Sunday Salon: 10/16/11

Partial life to-do list Meet Sandra Cisneros: check Hear Sandra Cisneros read one of her stories: check Convince someone to buy Caramelo: check Yup: here I am with one of my favorite authors; that stack of books on the table is indeed all mine! Though Cisneros wasn’t personalizing books, she was allowing people to takeContinue reading “Sunday Salon: 10/16/11”