The Queen: A Life in Brief

Though Diamond Jubilee events are planned throughout 2012, today is the day that Queen Elizabeth will be officially celebrating her sixtieth year as the Queen of England. To mark the day — those royals have always fascinated me — I spent Saturday reading Robert Lacey’s The Queen: A Life in Brief (her coronation was onContinue reading “The Queen: A Life in Brief”

Jackie After O

1975 proved to be a pivotal year for Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Widowed for the second time in her life, her future role in life seemed unclear. Most of her adult life had been spent fulfilling her role as a good wife, first as an aspiring politician’s wife, then eventually as First Lady. A few yearsContinue reading “Jackie After O”

Helen Keller: A Life

When most people think of Helen Keller, they usually conjure up the movie The Miracle Worker, starring Patty Duke as a young Helen and Anne Bancroft as Teacher (Annie Sullivan). takes readers beyond the iconic water pump scene from the movie, in which young Helen realizes that there’s a word for everything (in this case,Continue reading “Helen Keller: A Life”

Queen of Fashion: What Marie Antoinette Wore to the Revolution

I’m giving away several books throughout March in honor of Women’s History Month. Win a copy of this book, courtesy of yours truly! Read on for more information. Marie Antoinette symbolizes many things to many people, but the things that usually stand out are “let them eat cake,” and the sky-high pouf hairstyles. Carefully cultivated fromContinue reading “Queen of Fashion: What Marie Antoinette Wore to the Revolution”

Heat Wave: The Life and Career of Ethel Waters

She was the first black woman to sing on radio and the first to perform on Broadway, but Ethel Waters would never be considered a conventional beauty or remembered for having a timeless voice. As a “race woman” who suffered more than her share of racist encounters growing up — even witnessing a lynched bodyContinue reading “Heat Wave: The Life and Career of Ethel Waters”