A to Z Challenge

Status: 20/26

Doing this challenge in 2010 definitely made me pick up books I would’ve otherwise overlooked. This year, I’m signing up again for the author challenge. I’ll mostly be focusing on knocking off some of the books from the Fill in the Gaps and 1% Well-Read challenges.

A: Adiga, Aravind – The White Tiger

B: Barbery, Muriel – The Elegance of the Hedgehog

C: Chalabi, Tamara – Late for Tea at the Deer Palace [review]

D: Diffenbaugh, Vanessa – The Language of Flowers

E: Erdrich, Louise – The Plague of Doves

F: Frank, Anne – The Diary of a Young Girl

G: Goldman, Francisco – Say Her Name [review]

H: Haigh, Jennifer – Faith



K: Kasischke, Laura – The Raising

L: Lanagan, Margo – Tender Morsels

M: Moore, Lorrie – Like Life

N: Nunez, Sigrid – Salvation City

O: Oates, Joyce Carol – A Widow’s Story [review]

P: Pascal, Francine – Sweet Valley Confidential [review]


RRamos y Sanchez – House Divided [review]

S: Steinberg, Avi – Running the Books: The Adventures of an Accidental Prison Librarian

T: Thubron, Colin – To a Mountain in Tibet [review]

U: Urrea, Luis Alberto – The Devil’s Highway

V: Vonnegut Jr., Kurt – Slaughterhouse Five

WWollstonecraft, Mary – A Vindication of the Rights of Woman [review]

X: Xingjian, Gao – Soul Mountain

Y: Yang, Gene Luen – American Born Chinese

Z: Zama, Farahad – The Marriage Bureau for Rich People

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