My Brilliant Friend

In preparation for my trip this past summer, I knew that Elena Ferrante (the alias of a bestselling Italian author whose identity remains a unknown) was at the top of my list of Italian authors to check out. My Brilliant Friend narrowed my choices down even further: it’s set in Naples and is the first bookContinue reading “My Brilliant Friend”

Quickies: Margherita Dolce Vita & On Such a Full Sea

First off: I’m baaaack! I returned from my 5-week, 10-country European adventure late Tuesday night! (I’ll talk more about it tomorrow…drama, drama, drama!) Before I left, I read books from almost all the countries I visited. I posted a few reviews while I was over there, and then stopped. It ended up being a caseContinue reading “Quickies: Margherita Dolce Vita & On Such a Full Sea”