My American Unhappiness

Zeke Pappas is on a downward spiral. A thirty-something year old stuck in a bogus dead-end job, Zeke spends his time trying to answer the question “Why are Americans so unhappy?” As part of his Inventory of American Unhappiness project, Zeke has conducted thousands of interviews with Americans, getting them to divulge the root ofContinue reading “My American Unhappiness”

Two for the Road: Our Love Affair with American Food

For all their foodie fame and notoriety, Jane and Michael Stern were not on my radar until they announced their divorce in 2008. All of a sudden, I was reading quite a bit of “Oh nooooo! They were perfect for each other!” all over the internet. In the comments sections of these divorce-related articles, IContinue reading “Two for the Road: Our Love Affair with American Food”

Plastic: A Toxic Love Story

Win a copy of this book courtesy of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt! Over the past decade, I’ve kind of become one of those annoying people who bothers her family and friends about recycling. When I learned to sew a couple of years ago, the first thing I made on my own was a gigantic tote bagContinue reading “Plastic: A Toxic Love Story”

Miss New India

Like most teenagers who are eager to break out on their own and experience some adventure, Anjali Bose wants nothing more than to leave her quiet home town of Gauripur, India. She has the skills and connections to do so: she was one of the smartest girls in her class and has been taking privateContinue reading “Miss New India”

As Always, Julia: The Letters of Julia Child and Avis DeVoto

I’ve always known that Julia Child was a charismatic figure, but I’ll admit that my interest in her was piqued after watching Julie and Julia (which is totally bandwagon-joiner of me, I know). As such, I was excited when I saw that this collection of letters between her and her best friend, Avis DeVoto, wasContinue reading “As Always, Julia: The Letters of Julia Child and Avis DeVoto”