Nonfiction Quickies: Carsick & Console Wars

Carsick: John Waters Hitchhikes Across America by John Waters Publisher/Year: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2014 Format: Audiobook Narrator: John Waters Length: 8 hours, 8 minutes Source: Purchase What it is: A couple of years ago, John Waters hitchhiked across the country as the basis of this memoir. Technically, only a third of this is nonfiction because only a third of itContinue reading “Nonfiction Quickies: Carsick & Console Wars”

A Charlie Brown Christmas: The Making of a Tradition

It’s a decades-long tradition that many people have grown up with: every December since 1965, CBS has aired Charles Schulz’s beloved A Charlie Brown Christmas on television, and every year, millions of people tune in to watch the half-hour special. The show, the first of many animated Peanuts specials to come, features a downcast CharlieContinue reading “A Charlie Brown Christmas: The Making of a Tradition”

When It Happens to You

If your first inclination is to discount this book just because a celebrity wrote it: STOP RIGHT THERE. Because 1) the celebrity in question is Molly Ringwald and hel-lo, she’s awesome; and 2) this book is the real deal. When It Happens to You is Ringwald’s first book of fiction, a collection of eight interconnectedContinue reading “When It Happens to You”

Jackie After O

1975 proved to be a pivotal year for Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Widowed for the second time in her life, her future role in life seemed unclear. Most of her adult life had been spent fulfilling her role as a good wife, first as an aspiring politician’s wife, then eventually as First Lady. A few yearsContinue reading “Jackie After O”

The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories: Volume I

The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories is exactly what it sounds like. Culled from more than 8,000 submissions on Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s art collaboration website, hitRECord, Tiny Book features 33 illustrated micro stories nestled between its 4×6 covers. The shortest story is one word long and the longest one is seven pithy lines long, but almost allContinue reading “The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories: Volume I”