The Keep

Twenty years after a terrifying childhood prank taken too far, cousins Danny and Howie meet again in Eastern Europe to renovate a crumbling medieval castle. The tables are now turned: the once-scrawny, awkward Howie — a childhood victim of his cousins’ bullying — is now a handsome millionaire, while Danny is thirty-something NYC hipster withContinue reading “The Keep”

Jennifer Egan: A Visit from the Macaroon Squad

Okay, I’m trying to get back on some kind of schedule and posting author videos every other Friday. Here’s Jennifer Egan talking to Emily Gould (I love watching these Cooking the Books segments) about one of my fave books of 2010, A Visit from the Good Squad, while making macaroons:

Favorites of 2010: Fiction

I tried really hard to narrow this list down a tiny bit more, but it ain’t happening! These are my favorite fiction reads of 2010, starting with my top three favorites, then continuing in alphabetical order by title. The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck This is not only my favorite read of the year,Continue reading “Favorites of 2010: Fiction”