Wrapping Up: A to Z and POC Challenges

I credit the A to Z Challenge and POC Reading Challenge with being the reasons I read so broadly in 2010. While I picked a couple of books solely based on the author’s last name, I read so many more that I’d been putting off for years. Choosing my favorite reads is a little dicey,Continue reading “Wrapping Up: A to Z and POC Challenges”

Not-So-Favorites of 2010

From time to time, I know we all come across books we don’t care for. They can’t all be awesome, right? I can usually find a couple of redeeming factors in a book, even if I end up hating it. These books? One of which I actually own? I don’t even want to donate itContinue reading “Not-So-Favorites of 2010”

Lord of the Flies & Little Bee

Though I was never assigned to read it in school, Sir William Golding’s Lord of the Flies is one of those books I’d always heard my (male) classmates rave about.  To this day, one of my friends claims it’s his favorite book ever. I can see why the book would appeal so much to teenContinue reading “Lord of the Flies & Little Bee”