The Regional Office is Under Attack!

The Regional Office exists to protect the world from nefarious attacks. It was created by the superhuman Oyemi and her partner, Mr. Niles. Together, they source oracles to predict future attacks and train teenage girls to become highly skilled assassins. But now the oracles have predicted that someone on the inside wants to bring downContinue reading “The Regional Office is Under Attack!”

In which Sherman Alexie calls me a stalker

I was up in Austin this weekend for the Texas Book Festival. After years of having my plans fall through at the last minute, I finally made it up there for the first time ever. (Sherman Alexie was a big part of my “I AM GOING THIS YEAR NO MATTER WHAT” mentality.) I spent OctoberContinue reading “In which Sherman Alexie calls me a stalker”

The Miniature Wife: And Other Stories

Zombies, merciless shrinking spouses, and intergalactic warfare…just another typical day for the characters in Manuel Gonzales’s debut short story collection, The Miniature Wife: And Other Stories. The eighteen stories in this collection are at turns darkly humorous and really strange, throwing readers for a loop in very unexpected ways. The book pretty much had meContinue reading “The Miniature Wife: And Other Stories”