The Imaginary Life

Fortunata Fortuna is left reeling following the breakup of a long-term relationship.She and her boyfriend had been having a rough time, but “Nata” still felt blindsided when she was dumped and left with vague reasons for Beto’s sudden departure. She always held out some hope that Beto would see the error of his ways and comeContinue reading “The Imaginary Life”

Rosemary’s Baby

Trigger warning after the jump Spoilers after the jump Even though he remained as faithful to the original as possible, I was never a big fan of Roman Polanski’s film adaptation of Rosemary’s Baby. That Scene was the most memorable/terrifying/skin-crawling part of the film for me, as was the chilling ending. Everything else? Meh, I’dContinue reading “Rosemary’s Baby”

A Marriage Agreement and Other Essays: Four Decades of Feminist Writing

In this collection of essays, Alix Kates Shulman gathers four decades of her writing — much of it previously published — that began with the first rumblings of second-wave feminism. Like many women of that era, Kates Shulman’s feminist awakening came through her life experiences, particularly those involving marriage and motherhood. Her essays in theContinue reading “A Marriage Agreement and Other Essays: Four Decades of Feminist Writing”