Mon amie américaine

Although they live on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean, Molly and Michèle have the type of close friendship that picks up right where they left off the last time they saw each other. As film critics turned film producers, the two see each other a few times a year at industry events and talk onContinue reading “Mon amie américaine”

Where Women Are Kings

Elijah is a Nigerian boy who has experienced much trauma in his seven years. He longs for his mother, a Nigerian immigrant living in England whom he understands — at a very basic level — is ill, but has been bounced different foster homes; his sometimes extreme episodes have made him difficult to place. WithContinue reading “Where Women Are Kings”

Whisper Hollow

Verra, West Virginia is a small town comprised mostly of first- and second-generation immigrants. Many of the town’s inhabitants work hard for meager wages, and a lot of sons follow in in their father’s footsteps and become coal miners. Spanning from 1916 to 1969, Whisper Hollow follows the lives of two women who have livedContinue reading “Whisper Hollow”

Getting Married and Other Mistakes

Jo has made a name for herself as a freelance wedding photographer; women flock to her for her artistic black-and-white bridal portraits. But as Jo lies in bed looking at her wedding portrait, she reflects on the inner turmoil she felt before saying her own vows seven years ago. Lately, she has been wallowing inContinue reading “Getting Married and Other Mistakes”