Quickies: On Beauty & This Beautiful Life

On Beauty by Zadie Smith Publisher/Year: Penguin, 2006 Format: Paperback Pages: 464 Source: Purchase What it is: Steeped in the world of New England academia, the book follows the Belsey family. Howard Belsey is a professor who has cheated on his wife. Their three grown children are each harboring their own secrets, but everyone’s lives crash together with the appearanceContinue reading “Quickies: On Beauty & This Beautiful Life”

The White Woman on the Green Bicycle

Somehow, Monique Roffey’s The White Woman on the Green Bicycle slipped completely beneath my radar last year even though it made the Orange Prize shortlist. When I saw it on NetGalley, I was eager to request it, though I did have a couple of reservations at first. Starting with a brutal attack in 2006 then jumping backContinue reading “The White Woman on the Green Bicycle”