Nonfiction November: Be the Expert

Leslie from Regular Rumination and Kim from Sophisticated Dorkiness (two bloggers I love!) are co-hosting a really cool nonfiction project this month. Each week in November, participants will write posts on a given topic. I didn’t get a chance to write one last week, but this week’s topic is Be the Expert/Ask the Expert/Become the Expert:Continue reading “Nonfiction November: Be the Expert”

Black Cool: One Thousand Streams of Blackness

It all started with a photograph of then-presidential hopeful Barack Obama. After being constantly drawn to the photo and examining it, it dawned on Rebecca Walker, “The Cool in this photo is so palpable it sends a shiver up my spine. It is Black Cool. It is made up of elements that can be tracedContinue reading “Black Cool: One Thousand Streams of Blackness”